Legal personal statement: an in-depth guide

Legal Personal Statement: An In-Depth Guide

The personal statement is a passage through which you represent yourself in front of the admission committee. Your purpose and goal for the study program are reflected through your information. The admission staff studies the statement, and your admittance is directed because of that writing piece. In some cases, the verdict to give a pupil scholarship is also decided upon in this phase.

Importance of Personal Statement

  • A chance to make the staff understand your stand
  • A way through your goals and aims is written upon
  • Shows importance of the subject in your career
  • A student’s career and personal development are portrayed
  • It acts as a biography
  • A student’s writing skill is studied well through this
  • Moreover, it shows how profound an applicant is
  • Passion is reflected in this writing piece
  • Personal statements mold the interview progression

What Is A Personal Legal Statement?

Law personal statement isn’t a new thing altogether; you have the same directives just like any other writing piece. The thing that sets that writing apart from it is the narrative sketched upon it, and you must write keeping in mind the details regarding the law. The statement must consist of minute things and industry-related vocabulary. There is no need to add the legality factor if it’s constructed for the undergraduate level. Although, if it is written for a higher level, then such things can be amalgamated into intact professionalism.

What’s The Word Limit?

The actual word limit is not defined well, although writing up to 1000 words is advisable. It is not your research paper where you have to drop down every detail. All you have to do is to explain your side of the goals and aims briefly. The narrower you get into it, the more challenging it will be for the reader to stick towards it. Ensure it doesn’t bore the reader, and keep them intact throughout the course. The fact, it depends upon the university requirement. Some assignment writing services directs the usage of 500 words, and other give a bracket of not using more than 1500 words.

What Essential Points Should Be Included?

Law personal statement should cover these three things in a unique manner:

Motivation: why do you want to study law? What factors make to undertake this subject? What drive you to opt for this career route?

Suitability: why do you think you are a perfect fit for this position? Why you are an excellent fit for this field? What makes you an ideal choice? Is there any reflection behind choosing this?

Exploration: why do you think it is a fruitful career choice? Why do you think this will be your future? What association do you have with the law? Is there an inherited benefactor behind this field?

What To Avoid?

  • Usage of passive voice, as this weak your sentence.
  • Avoid clichĂ©s.
  • Don’t use jargon and strong wordings.
  • Don’t use informal language in your writing. This will make your approach look vague and unprofessional. The casual tone is restricted in university applications, so omitting that will be best for your application.
  • Excessive usage of formal tone is also not required. As this will make your statement sounds like academic writing. Just remember you are not writing a research paper.
  • Make a balance between formal and informal tones. This act will surely hit the benefit tangent.
  • Spelling, typos and grammar will be red flags in your admission process. Just use tools like grammar checker, and make sure to proofread your work twice.
  • If you are unsure and not confident about writing your statement, it’s best to hire some personal statement writing services.
  • Avoid political standing and linkups in your paper. Try to be as neutral as possible. Don’t show your link and political affection.

Getting The Perfect Pitch

  • Use short and crisp sentences.
  • Avoid wordiness and fluff in your writing.
  • Use legal and law-related wordings.
  • Try to pitch for the grant, and make your point clear.
  • Mention your hobbies and also any special seminar if you have attended.
  • Use empowering and active language.
  • Try to mention some solutions to the problems you have seen in the system.
  • If you are an international student, and your home country is Dubai, UAE, try to show your country’s legal issues and resolving possibilities.
  • Avoid hostile and harsh comments.
  • Be a problem solver, not a problem indicator.
  • Try to write in 1st person, and invite the reader.
  • Self-examine your goals and your standing in terms of qualification.
  • Change paragraph when needed, as this will help break the language and make it user-friendly.
  • Show the committee how much you are well-informed about the institution you are applying to.

Points That Can Elevate Your Law Personal Statement

  • Tell some life stories, your life decisions and family status that shaped you into how you are today.
  • What forces or make you firm about this field.
  • Your standing in your family, and it’s counter back on your studies.
  • The reason you are leaving your home country.
  • International student loan, or any other benefactor related to the payment of fees.
  • Your academics and credentials are added as a plus point.
  • What this country or university will bring to your life.
  • Traumas that shape what you are today.
  • A brief background on the university.
  • Your plan-b if not, this field is your choice.
  • Your childhood dreams and desires.
  • The affirmation and verdicts that you have as an extra-curricular activity.

To Sum Up

The personal legal statement is nothing out-of-the-box; all you have to do is follow some pointers prescribed by us. Although, there are some things if you are an international student that needs to be added more. Otherwise, the pace and structure are quite the same for every student. Some universities have a diverse set of rules, which they mention well at the time of form filling. At the same time, others follow the same universal pattern that fits all subjects. But, one thing that has to be well-known is not mentioning any political party linkup because you never know when it will backfire. All in all, be well prepared and write with a sharp mind. As the committee will review this with consideration for the admission purpose.

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